Samsung launches Ultra-thin, “Unbreakable” Phone

Samsung launches Ultra-thin, “Unbreakable” Phone

One of the leading phone makers in the world, Samsung unveiled its ultra-thin, virtually unbreakable mobile phone prototype at the {International CES 2013} (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The phone, which is a nameless prototype, has a screen that kept working as it was rolled and unrolled – showing off that it is far more flexible than previous ‘bendable’ screen.

“This new form factor will really begin to change how people interact with their devices, opening up new lifestyle possibilities,” said Brian Berkeley, Senior Vice-President of Samsung Display, at the CES presentation.

The screen uses organic light-emitting diodes or OLEDs. Only a thin layer of these chemicals is needed to produce a bright, colorful screen. They’ve used OLEDs in many Samsung phones such as Samsung Galaxy S Series, although they’ve used glass screens. For this new bendable, paper-thin phone prototype, the Korean electronics company laid the chemicals over thin plastic instead of glass. Perhaps the best way to test this phone is by visiting fully-colored websites. This type of websites like has bright colored images and vivid graphics, making it a great testing ground to set a benchmark to any new phone claiming to have a clear retina display. The new flexible display is called “Youm.” It is expected that with these new thin displays, any player on Party Casino can enjoy a visually realistic betting experience on their mobile phones. According to some reports, the screen is about five inches across, with 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of nearly 720p. It runs Windows 8, so users can take advantage of a faster start up, a whole new list of full-graphic applications and a better security from viruses on the web.

Berkeley also showed off a smartphone prototype equipped with a curved edge, which works almost like a ‘second screen’ around the edge of the device. However, the OLED chemicals are extremely sensitive to oxygen, so they need to be completely sealed off from the air. According to Keystone Global analyst Stephen Bell, “The concept of the flexible screen has been around for some time, but it finally looks as if Samsung is really going to deliver on that technology.”

Apart from the ultra-thin phones, Samsung also showed off its 55-inch stunning curved OLED TV at the show, which is believed to be the first in the world. The idea behind the curved design is to improve viewing angles as well as the general viewing experience by offering a panoramic effect. The fact that it is OLED display, with deep blacks and bright, vivid colors, also does not strain the eyes.

Currently, Samsung has not disclosed the date of release and price for this new digitally-advanced TV yet some analyst claimed that the thin OLED Samsung devices, including the “unbreakable” phone, will be out in stores by April 2013 to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5S.