Why “this phone won’t get any further OS updates as the current version runs fine” is a lame logic


When Calculators were getting the job done, why did they need to invent Computers?

Smartphone manufacturers have started giving users some really lame logic regarding why they’ll not provide any further OS updates to a certain smartphone. Recently, I came across one such logic given by Motorola Mobility, about why my Motorola Fire XT won’t get any more OS updates and will be stuck with Gingerbread forever. Motorola claims on their website that the current OS verion (i.e. Gingerbread) works without any issue on the phone, so it “doesn’t need an update”. How pathetic is that as a reason? We’re gonna find out after the break.

Issues with the current OS version on my Motorola Fire XT:

  1. The ROM (Android 2.3) is based on some FroYo (Android 2.2) kernel.
  2. The ROM is very very very horribly optimised for the hardware. The UI is laggy, unresponsive, and is terrible for day-to-day use.
  3. The GPU of the phone (Adreno 200) isn’t used in any case by the device software, according to many internet forums. How cynical is that! You put a good piece of hardware in and not put it to some real use! No wonder even the most basic games like Angry Birds lag on that phone.
  4. The LED flash on the back isn’t detected by any single other app except the default camera app provided by Motorola. You can’t use it as a torch-light, and can’t make use of the flash if you use a custom camera app.
  5. The bootloader is locked for I don’t know what reason. It just drives the enthusiasts crazy, and for god’s sake very few people don’t like to customise an Android device. It was bugging me as well, until recently some folks over at XDA Forum were able to crack the security and somehow bypass the locked bootloader and install a custom ROM (based on that pathetic stock ROM though) on it.
  6. There are probably more, which I either haven’t experienced as I was pessimistic in wasting my time on such a worthless creation, or maybe don’t remember at this point of time.

My main point is, even a calculator can perform calculative tasks. Did that prevent humans from not creating the modern computer? No. It’s not just improvement of stability that users look forward to in an Operating System update. In reality, users enjoy exploring cool new features. Companies generally don’t like to play well with end-users, be it for marketing purposes (release of a new phone), or the lazyness of their R&D staff, or any other crappy reason. There’s however something about Android that people really love, that’s the Developer community. Devs strive to create for devices custom ROMs, which are generally a lot better to use. Motorola might be a lazyass company, but what really pissed me off was that they decided to lock the bootloader, probably apply some security which is so hard to break. That turns out to be a decision by them to make users stick to the pathetic ROM created by them. I’m sure it’s not just Motorola who do such things, a lot of other manufacturers do that as well. This is something that needs to be changed!

Thanks for reading. Drop your comments below.

  • Govind

    why don’t you install custom rom and if not available,try to make one

  • Govind

    why don’t you install custom rom and if not available,try to make one

    • http://techtage.com/ Rohit Palit

      There is a custom ROM based on stock, which I hardly think will improve phone performance.

  • charan12999

    Useless post :3