Toshiba Announces 19nm SSDs Based on MLC Flash Technology

Toshiba 19nm SSD

Toshiba has announced Solid State Drives (SSDs) based on Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash technology. Toshiba, the company which first created 19nm MLC(Multi-Level Cell) NAND SSDs, has disclosed that they are now readily available across Europe.

Their smallest and highest-density SSDs will serve the needs of Consumers & OEMs as highly-efficient and better performing SSDs. The new THNSNH family is supposed to be twice as fast as its predecessor. These drives are ideal for high-end notebooks, ultrabooks, desktop PCs and other demanding devices. Volumes of 512GB, 256GB, 128GB and 60GB are now available in 2.5-inch form factors with a choice of 7.0 mm and 9.5 mm forms. They also announced availability of mSATA variants are limited to 256GB, 128GB and 60GB.

Toshiba 19nm SSD 2

Toshiba THNSNH series also offers data protection using Quadruple Swing-By Code (QSBC), Toshiba’s peppy and reliable Error-Correction Technology(ECC). It also utilizes Advanced Power Management Technology(APM) for least Power Consumption.

Depending on the model, the drives offer read/write speeds of around 450-500 MB/s, utilizing almost the full potential of the SATA 6 interface.

Toshiba 19nm SSD 3

Toshiba claims it to be the most desirable SSD Solution available in the market ensuring Toshiba as the NAND Flash Technology Leader.

This article has been contributed by Deepak Kumar, our hardware expert.