7 Modern SEO Tactics That You Should Try

Rohit Palit by | Updated:

SEO 2013

Search Engines, especially Google, are constantly updating the way they track and index web pages. Traditional SEO methods no longer prove themselves effective. Due to this newly acquired ‘smartness’ of web spiders and search engines, I’ve noticed many people take the wrong route and overdo the SEO part. In this article I’ll tell you about SEO strategies that work in 2013.

Tactic #1: Focus on the Quality and Length of your Content

Bloggers who are just starting out should keep content quality on top of their priority list. Top-quality content automatically make people interested and invite high authority backlinks from bigger sites. Backlinks and social shares are all that is needed to make search engines understand the importance of your content.

Over the last 12 months, Google is also increasingly giving content-length more importance while ranking web pages in its search results. If you consider the web pages that show up in the first page of Google search for really popular keywords, you’ll notice that most of them consist of 2,000 or more words.

To make things simpler, you need to write detailed, insightful and high-quality content.

Tactic #2: Write for humans, not search engines

Most beginners make the mistake of over-optimising their content for search engines. Too much on-page SEO makes the content look uninteresting and dull to humans. Bots are smart enough to distinguish between normally written  and keyword-stuffed posts. If you try to trick Google and others, your site will simply get penalised.

write for humans first

Think how your post can help real people. You want returning visitors, you want your visitors to comment on your posts, you want them to share your posts on social media sites. If you want your expectations fulfilled, set your goal at writing for people!

Tactic #3: Link to related pages that are awesome

When you write a brilliant post yourself, you can help it do more by linking to other great posts on other sites. Linking to high-authority sites makes Google think you that are related to that site, and helps rank your content higher on search engines.

Besides, you can easily catch the attention of popular bloggers and websites by mentioning about some of their articles that you like and are related to the topic you’re writing on.

Tactic #4: Choose less-competitive topics

When you’re just starting, make sure you choose writing topics wisely. If you start writing your first post on a topic with lots of competition, it’s very unlikely that it’ll bring you outright success.


Choose very specific topics, topics that you feel you have your authority on. Like, if you’re a very knowledgeable person about the Android OS, you should start by writing posts discussing the advanced parts of Android.

Tactic #5: Be careful about your infrastructure

It’s very important that your website isn’t on a blacklisted IP or web host. It’s also equally as important that your site has both search engine and user friendly design and/or layout. The pages of your site should easily be reachable. Use robots.txt and modern HTML tags such as rel=”nofollow” or rel=”noindex” efficiently.
creating sitemap
Create a sitemap for your website, submit it to Google Webmasters’ Tools. These days, search engines love if you make their work easier, anyhow.

Tactic #6: Push fresh relevant content on a single page

Fresh content is a vital key to success for every single blog out there. What search engines love is seeing tons of fresh, high-quality content on a single page. If you’re managing a blog, try to put your best posts on your homepage. If you’re managing a forum, link to the hot topics from the forum index. If it wants fresh content, feed it that!

Tactic #7: Gain reputation as an author

A fairly new thing introduced in the recent versions of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates deals with authors themselves. It’s almost like a ranking system for content authors. You must use the rel=”author” tag to let Google know that you’re the author of an article.

Google Author Rank

When you continually write great content, be it on your own website or across multiple other blogs that tell Google that you’re the author of the article, you slowly become a reputable author for the kind of content you write. Now, it doesn’t matter if you write on Mashable or your own site, what Google sees is, the content is written by you. So be it a top site or a less popular site, your content is going to rank high on search results no matter what. I’ve noticed that staying active on Google+ and using a nice-looking profile picture are things that help you gain recognition from Google.


Using these modern SEO tactics to boost your search engine traffic should increase your overall website visitors number to a great extent. So, give them a try, they are actually not that hard to implement.

What other smart tactics do you recommend using? Let us know by posting your comment below.