5 Reasons to Blog on a Laptop/Notebook Rather Than a Desktop

Girl-Using-LaptopBlogging is best done on a laptop. The fact is that laptops are portable, and most of them have enough power to sustain your blogging needs. Netbooks, and tablets, on the other hand, aren’t powerful enough to satisfy even the most hardcore blogger. Desktop is powerful, fast, but it’s not available everywhere. Even if you stay home almost always, it takes some time to turn the PC on and begin writing. Who knows, the unique idea that had clicked on your mind a moment ago may not stay in your head after you’re ready to operate your Desktop. The solution is undoubtedly a laptop (or, a notebook, as some like calling it).

Reasons why you should blog on a laptop/notebook:

#1 That Idea!

Your brain might not be able to keep that great idea for long. If you have a laptop ready, when you think that new ideas are coming in your head, you can write them instantly, create drafts, using which you can post new posts on your blog later.

#2 Lay on Your Bed While You Type

Sitting in-front of a desktop for long hours might not be a comfortable task to perform. It strains your spine. It makes increases the amount of misery in your daily life. Who knows, you may get so angry at times that some f-words might sneak into your blog posts. Blogging on a laptop is more comfortable, that’s for certain.

#3 Distractions – Where?

In most cases, most people’s desktop PCs are more powerful than their notebooks. Desktops may be able to play your favourite games while they lag on your notebook. That might actually be good for the blogger in you. You’d have less distractions to deal with while you’re on your laptop.

#4 Blog Anytime

Suppose you’ve moved on to your bed at night when you get an exclusive piece of information/news about your blog niche, that must be posted as soon as possible. Lazyness will tell you not to take the hassles of getting out of the bed and turning the desktop on again. Using a laptop to update your blog would be more convenient in that scenario.

#5 More Privacy

Visitors of your home can easily see what you’re upto on your desktop. If you, say, are quite young, and run a fashion/celebrity blog, they might think that you hooked onto entertainment and have no interest in studies and blah blah blah (you know how elders, who’re not familiar with computers and blogging much, are). The best bet would be to switch to your laptop, go to your bedroom, and finish whatever task you were upto.

Comment below how you feel about this article and if you know about more advantages of using a laptop/notebook while blogging. Happy reading.

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