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7 Ways To Improve Your Conversions


I am ALL about the conversion rates.

Think about it for a second. You may not be able to increase your marketing budget, but you can definitely increase your conversion rates. And an increase in conversion rates by just 0.1% can be the difference in thousands (or even millions) of additional revenue.

In fact, I’m so passionate about conversion rates that I built a 7 point conversion rate optimization checklist that I use for every new client. Today I want to give that checklist to you.

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The Complete Guide to Removing Unnatural Links Pointing at Your Site

google penalty traffic copy

Link building is vitally important in any SEO strategy, and over the course of time, some rather dodgy links could crop up in your link profile, and could eventually prove to be rather detrimental to your site. Also, unnatural links are particularly pertinent when you’re taking on a new client who has a rather… questionable history when it comes to acquiring links back to their site.

In this post, I’ll run through how unnatural, poor quality links can be detrimental to your website and it’s standing in the SERPs, and also how I go about analysing a link profile and diagnosing which links need to go, as well as the subsequent link removal process.

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The 6 Uninviting Truths About Blogging


Blogging is a great habit if you do it correctly. Moreover, you can enjoy to its fullest if you know some real truths about it. Because, it will help you to understand its limitations, so you can adapt the skill in the blogging. Moreover, you should know that blogging is not like writing a book or fiction nor it is a business tool. But it is something which will give you the opportunity to do marketing your skill over the internet as well. Passionately, it is very much encouraging for the bloggers to market their skills. So blogging is a kind of platform which should be built by the blogger itself by delivering the quality blog at the regular interval.

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