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7 Ways to Improve the Site-wide Crawl Frequency of Your Site


You might always have wanted Google to index your new blog posts the second they’re live, but it doesn’t simply happen. While expecting googlebot to permanently reside on your site is a bit unrealistic in nature, you can still make use of various ethical ways that’d make googlebot come back to your site often, and not only that, also get the new pages on your site indexed quickly, even if you’re not the New York Times or Mashable.

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9 Ways to Funnel More Link Juice to Your Infographics


Infographics are quite popular among inbound marketers and websites in technologically sound industries. You can produce infographics as part of your current content marketing campaign and see the light of some additional benefits.

One of the most lucrative benefits of publishing an infographic is the backlinks that it acquires over-time. As infographics tend to seem more intriguing to people than plain text, they tend to be shared more than traditional blog posts or any other textual form of content. The vast number of shares and more importantly, backlinks, offer unparalleled SEO perks to websites.

Since, infographics can be often get costly to produce, in this post I’m gonna talk about how you can make the most of your published infographics and earn more links to them.

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How to Quickly Remove Pages from Google’s Index and Lift a Panda Penalty


As you probably already know, I didn’t start TechTage from the scratch. Instead, I revamped my beloved smartphone and general tech blog and just got a new domain for it. As I didn’t post smartphone stuff or general tech news etc. anymore, soon enough Google was having troubles determining what the site was actually about.

I later came to realise that due to this, and because of the fact that the old site used to contain posts that I wouldn’t say were low-quality, but they certainly were short and lacked depth. I didn’t need those posts anymore (as most were time-sensitive anyway), but I didn’t want to remove them completely either. On the other hand, Authorship wasn’t doing its magic on SERPs for this site and it was ranking horribly. So, I decided to no-index around 1,100 old posts. It wasn’t easy, and WordPress didn’t have a built in mechanism or a plugin which could make the job easier for me. So, I figured a way out myself.

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More Trusted Links vs. More Juicy Links – When & What Do You Need?

Importance of Different Types of Backlinks in Link Building

Link building can be quite different than traditional SEO. In fact, I don’t like to classify Link Building under SEO for various reasons, with the most important one being that link building hasn’t really got anything to do with optimizing your site for search engines,
it’s rather a way to push your site for better organic search rankings.

Over the last few months, I’ve run an experiment. I built different types of links (main point of division – link juice vs. link trust / authority) to test sites or whatever sites I wanted. Then I observed the results. This is going to be a medium-sized post about my findings.

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