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MaxCDN Review – Insanely Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

MaxCDN - The Best WordPress CDN

MaxCDN, as the name suggests, is a content delivery network. MaxCDN is one of the most preferred affordable CDN providers for WordPress sites. It speeds up your site, and reduces your server load, for an affordable price. Setting up MaxCDN for WordPress blogs using W3 Total Cache is straightforward and easy. I’m using MaxCDN on TechTage since the beginning of 2013. Here’s why I’m more than impressed with its performance and features.

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How WordPress Commenting Platform Screws Up Your Blog’s SEO

WordPress Comments SEO

Most WordPress users stick to the default commenting system, because it’s very easy to operate, both for the administrators and the commenters. However, Google’s policy update about rel=”nofollow” links has made it look very poor from an SEO perspective when you’re using a non-modified version of the default WordPress commenting system on your blog. The commenters’ website links, though nofollow’ed, tend to waste a majority of PageRank points of the pages of your WordPress site. This is more troublesome for active blogs that get thousands of comments on each of their posts. The more number of comments with links to the users-websites appear on post pages, the more amount of PageRank point gets wasted, resulting in poor PageRank flow between internal pages.

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31 Ways to Boost the SEO of Your WordPress Site


Setting up WordPress sites is easy, properly optimizing them for SEO isn’t. WordPress is decent for SEO out of the box, especially the new versions. But there are still scopes to transform that ‘decent’ bit into ‘excellent’. SEO is not limited to low quality link building and blatant keyword stuffing any more. It has literally gone through an evolution in the past decade, and will never stop evolving. In this article I’ll randomly present 31 easy to implement, effective ways to boost the SEO of your WordPress blog.
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3 Effective Ways to Reduce Comment Spam in WordPress


I usually get emails from new bloggers asking me how to protect an WordPress blog from spam. Though link building is slowly becoming an ineffective strategy when it comes to SEO, most website administrators and SEO companies simply won’t stop blatantly spamming links in literally every website that they come across. Spam comments not only create a bad impression about your blog to your visitors, they also indicate that the security of your WordPress blog sucks. If you use the default WordPress commenting system, comments are loaded normally, means search engines can read and index them when they crawl through your posts. Thus, irrelevant fishy comments are also bad for the SEO of your website. You can fight spam on your WordPress blog implementing three smart techniques that I’ll explain in this post.

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