How to Amplify Your Content


Viral marketing has been a common term these days given that almost all brands aim that their content pieces should get traction in the industry where they belong. Furthermore, they want that these pieces could result to higher traffic on their site, earn more social followers and generate more sales/leads for the company.

The cycle of viral marketing goes like this.


As you can see the cycle of sharing continuous when someone sees and found the content useful. It becomes a never-ending joy for the content publisher of the piece as it will constantly provide traffic, links and shares to the website.

As for many of you, you want every content asset to become viral when published. However, it doesn’t happen automatically or naturally as you wish to be.

Viral marketing happens for a few newsworthy and/or high quality assets.

However, content amplification could happen to many pieces of your own brand. It is the ability of a piece to become naturally amplified by users who consumed it given that it has the value/information needed by the industry, has the available elements to constantly share/link to it and/or was promoted extensively through blogger outreach and paid advertising.

In this post, I’d like to share a few concepts on how to maximize amplification for your content assets:

Content optimization

Optimizing content is not limited to adding keywords to metatags (page title, h1, h2, etc..). It goes deeper to finding the real interest of your specific group of users and attending to that interest by the quality of content you produced.

In the post by Glen Dimaandal about enterprise level content strategy, he detailed the exact steps that he followed to create high quality content assets for his fortune 500 clients.

  • Understand the website’s brand identity
  • Get to know your target audience
  • Understand audience pleasures and pains
  • Map the topics you need to cover
  • Write the content
  • Plan the user experience
  • Use analytics to refine the campaign

Influencer outreach

Influencer outreach is one of the white hat SEO techniques that you need to master and apply to every search campaign given that it allows amplification to your assets. Here’s how influencer outreach can help assets be promoted:

  • Social shares from influencers add credibility to the content asset, making it more naturally considered to be promoted by industry followers.
  • Pages from influencers’ blogs send authority and relevancy signals to the content, making it deserving to rank for targeted keywords (either head or long tail terms).
  • Builds strong connections with influencers – allowing it to understand what they consider high quality pieces.
  • Absorbs new targeted followers (social, blog, company) to the company website.

To get started, here’s an example of a simple outreach I did for Rand Fishkin.



As you can see, the headline and body text of the email are all personalized.

Here’s how you can apply it to your outreach campaign as well:

  • Create a list of influencers on Twitter to keep yourself updated with their latest status updates. Include one of their tweets to your email outreach (either in the headline or first paragraph).
  • If there are past engagements with the influencer (e.g. asked him to participate in a round-up post), make sure you include it to your first line/sentence.
  • Ask for permission or at least give a brief description of your asset before sending the link/URL.

Applying influencer outreach to every high quality content asset you published on your site could help you bring continuous targeted visits and followers to your brand.

Effective email marketing strategy

If you’ve got several subscribers on your site, offering a premium access to an expertly-made content at least once a month could provide reasons for your existing users to stay to your brand for the long-haul.

Here are a few tips to make your content amplified through email marketing strategy:

  • Ensure that newsletter design is responsive for all devices. You can use GetResponse to create responsive email templates for your newsletters.
  • Allow social sharing in your newsletters by making social sharing buttons visible in your emails (you can add it below or above the fold).
  • If you’re offering products/services, don’t always send promotional newsletters. It will only increase the rate at which people unsubscribe if you regularly do it. Instead, you can provide informational content (actionable tips) that will make your subscribers learn about topics related to your brand. Remember this quote: to educate is to sell.

Link Acquisition

One of the key ways to amplify your content is to focus on link acquisition (especially for sites that are more likely to rank their pages in search results).

Given that if your pages are performing well in the search engines’ views, you’ve got more chances of earning links from bloggers/researches who’re looking for references for their works (since they would normally do Google searches to find credible and high quality content).

Here are some ways to make sure your pages are seen by your search engines and users:

  • Ensure your site’s internal pages are easily crawled and are indexed by search engines.
  • Perform keyword research to identify terms people are using to find your product/services and entities that would define your brand’s industry. Include industry-related terms and entities to your content to increase its relevancy factor and get an edge in the search competition.
  • Link to your content pages from your externally distributed efforts like content contribution, expert interviews and discussions.
  • Invest in building relationships with folks in your industry to start a solid community within your brand (so when you start to publish your content, there are already people that would amplify it to their followers).
  • Identify backlink sources that would easily provide you referral traffic based on their authority and traffic valuation.

Getting to know how linkers/bloggers/webmasters in your industry behave in linking activities could help you determine which appropriate link building methods you can take advantage of.

Final Thoughts

Content amplification brings your assets to the next level particularly when influencers begin to consume and share your pieces. It gives you assurance that your assets will be shared compared to hoping for your pieces to become viral someday.

Venchito Tampon

Venchito Tampon is the link building consultant at Digital Philippines. He offers white hat link building services to local and offshore clients. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.