CrazyEgg Review – 5 Lessons Learned from 20 Days with CrazyEgg

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I’ll describe CrazyEgg as a well known visual analytics tool. Once you start getting visitors to your site, the next step for you is to convert them into subscribers, customers, followers, or whatever it may be. That’s where CrazyEgg comes into play.

They’re one of the first companies to introduce heatmaps, and confetti reports. You may be thinking, what does that even mean? Well, it means it shows you what your visitors do after they open your website. Where they come from (confetti), which links and where on your pages they click (heatmap), which portions of your pages they spent the most time viewing (scrollmap), and which links on your site get the most no. of clicks (overlay). Of course, a free tool like Google Analytics doesn’t offer killer features like these.

CrazyEgg helps you know, where and how your site design sucks. Based on the data from CrazyEgg, you can tweak your landing pages, your overall site design, and a couple of functionalities to boost your conversion rates. Here’s what I learned about my sites from using CrazyEgg for 20 days:

Tip: You need to right-click on the images and click 'open image in a new tab' to see them in full-size.

#1: Above-the-fold content is very important

Scrollmap TechTage, 24-8-2013

As you can figure out from the scrollmap of the TechTage homepage, you should always give above-the-fold content of especially your site homepage a very high priority.

#2: People love real stories and reading about other people

Scrollmap MDDHosting Review Quietly Aweso, 1-9-2013

The scrollmap of the recently published MDDHosting Review post shows that people tend to read certain parts more thoroughly than the rest of the post. The parts that interested readers the most were the ones telling why I switched my main websites to MDDHosting, what happened after I made the switch, and how good they really are. The heatmap of it shows that more people clicked at the ‘Michael Denney’ link, who is the owner of MDDHosting, than other links on that page, except, of course, the MDDHosting links themselves. So, it’s obvious our readers love real world stories and reading about people, even if that’s the owner of a web hosting company.

#3: Visitors are happy to register in useful forums

Overlay TechTage Forum, 26-8-2013

Thousands of people visit our forum everyday. They’re also very much eager to register in the forum, thanks the variety of useful information that can be found in the forum.

#4: Navigational menus are still preferred over other text links

Heatmap Rohit Palit, 27-8-2013

The heatmap of my personal site suggests that visitors are more likely to be attracted to your navigational menu links than other text links on your site pages.

#5: I learned what type of content interests my readers

Heatmap The Future of SEO - 7 Techniques, 28-8-2013

As you can see from the heatmap of the post: The Future of SEO – 7 Techniques to Future Proof Your SEO, readers scrolled all the way through the post to the comments area, and made numerous clicks in the way. Some of the more engaging elements of that post was the Matt Cutts video, and the ‘Author Rank’ and ‘On-page User Activity’ sections. But, as you can see, a lot of people clicked on the ‘tweet’ button, checked the comments, and clicked a lot of stuff on the page. Bounce rate is also significantly lower than the site average for that post (56% vs. 74%).


CrazyEgg is actually a great affordable tool for people who are serious about their websites. It gives you a whole new level of information about your site, and more importantly, your visitors. Check this cool video out that they created to help people understand how CrazyEgg works:

With plans starting from $9/month, CrazyEgg can be that single little thing that’ll make all the difference between your site and your competitors’ sites. If you happen to own a busy site, for which the basic plan won’t suffice, the plus plan at $49/month is the one for you. Hopefully with CrazyEgg on your side, you’ll finally be able to increase your conversion rates dramatically.

Have you used CrazyEgg? How is it in your opinion?