How to Deliver Your Content Effectively


Content ties to almost every channel in the online marketing space including social media, search marketing and conversion rate optimization. The main reason is that it is easier for brands to focus on one specific aspect – content, than to diverse their effort and time to work on integrating each and every marketing channel to their businesses.

Generating content is not only the key to achieve success in online marketing. The brand should be able to deliver every content asset to the right audience with the most efficient and effective way.

In this post, I’d like to share a few insights on how you can effectively deliver your content to your targeted users.

Let’s get started.

PR and influencer outreach

Influencer and PR outreach becomes a solid combination technique for content promotion. It can actually amplify the shareability and linkability of your content assets particularly when the big media outlets and influencers start to share your new content pieces religiously.

Here are a few tips to make your PR and influencer outreach work.

Understand how the big media outlets collect stories from brands in your industry. Their data gathering process would normally be confidential but if you will take a look at the engagement of the journalists from those big sites, you would have an idea of how they filter irrelevant pitches (brand stories) from interesting ones.


Stop using robotic emails in your pitches. Robotic emails tend to lower your outreach’s response rate than actually increasing it. The main reason is that robotic emails look impersonalized and would only indicate that the person who reached out to didn’t’ take time to do any research about the target recipient.

Here is an example of a robotic email:


How could you avoid this type of robotic emails? Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Instead of focusing yourself on creating a good and personalized template, you should spend time doing research for all of your targets. Important details you have to do research about are interest of the target journalist/influencer, latest social update or blog post, and specific community he belongs. These details can be discovered through a 5-minute research on his/her social profile and website.
  • Make your pitches straightforward and concise. Your influencers and those media outlets don’t have much time to read your whole message. Ensure that you goal only for one specific response (e.g. receiving a “Yes” reply for your product review pitch).

You can check out this post on Digital Philippines about the blogger outreach process.

Email marketing for existing subscribers

The first group of audience that your content should be promoted to is your list of email subscribers. They are already familiar with your brand and could take any actions proposed by your brand (e.g. sharing your new blog post on social media platforms).

Though there is a high tendency that your subscribers could help you promote your content, there is no guarantee that all of them would do it.

To make your content promotion work, here are some actionable tips that you can apply in email marketing.

  • Create user-based conversion pages using landing page tools like GetResponse and Unbounce. Each landing page should serve one specific action (e.g. downloading an ebook from the blog).
  • Add an interest section to your email opt in form to get some insights about the interest of each of your email subscriber. This will give you an idea to which interest group your subscribers belong. This could also be the basis of the delivery of your newsletters to your existing brand followers.
  • Promote your content to specifically interested users. If a particular subscriber don’t have any interest to your content, there is less likely that it will be shared.

If you haven’t started your email marketing strategy, then you could capture email subscribers on the most visible areas of your website (sidebar, header and/or end of the post/page). You could use email capturing tools like Hellobar and Many Contacts for the start.


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Final thoughts:

Content delivery matters today. If the content is highly useful to your users, then proper delivery will make it earn more traffic, shares and links for the brand.

About the Author:
Venchito Tampon is the link building consultant at Digital Philippines. He offers white hat link building services to local and offshore clients. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

Venchito Tampon

Venchito Tampon is the link building consultant at Digital Philippines. He offers white hat link building services to local and offshore clients. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.