The 6 Uninviting Truths About Blogging


Blogging is a great habit if you do it correctly. Moreover, you can enjoy to its fullest if you know some real truths about it. Because, it will help you to understand its limitations, so you can adapt the skill in the blogging. Moreover, you should know that blogging is not like writing a book or fiction nor it is a business tool. But it is something which will give you the opportunity to do marketing your skill over the internet as well. Passionately, it is very much encouraging for the bloggers to market their skills. So blogging is a kind of platform which should be built by the blogger itself by delivering the quality blog at the regular interval.

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Google Analytics fools users with ‘International Space Control Room’ viewer location prank

AprilFool_GoogleAnalytics_lowEven Google Analytics is fooling its users with a hard to recognise prank. Today when I checked into Google Analytics, and then onto the ‘real time’ reports, I was surprised to see 41 visitors coming from the ‘International Space Station – Control Room’. Needless to say, I clicked on the location without thinking much, and thus got fooled by Google Analytics. When you click on the location, it shows the keyword ‘April Fool’s’ on the left.

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5 Reasons to Blog on a Laptop/Notebook Rather Than a Desktop

Girl-Using-LaptopBlogging is best done on a laptop. The fact is that laptops are portable, and most of them have enough power to sustain your blogging needs. Netbooks, and tablets, on the other hand, aren’t powerful enough to satisfy even the most hardcore blogger. Desktop is powerful, fast, but it’s not available everywhere. Even if you stay home almost always, it takes some time to turn the PC on and begin writing. Who knows, the unique idea that had clicked on your mind a moment ago may not stay in your head after you’re ready to operate your Desktop. The solution is undoubtedly a laptop (or, a notebook, as some like calling it).

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Things That You ‘Must’ Know Before Choosing A Web Host


Well, this might not be exactly our kind of niche, but there’s nothing about the smartphone industry that interests me at the moment and that’s possibly why I chose to write about something I have interest in and to protect people from ‘fraud’ web hosting companies. I’m going to discuss about shared web hosting, where you share the web-server with hundreds, if not thousands of other websites and often get into troubles such as long periods of downtime or a negative impact on SEO. To rectify all the problems regarding the matter in general, you need to choose a good host and one that fits in your requirements.

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