Squidix Review: Seriously High Quality Hosting for the Price

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Squidix is one of those web hosts which spend more on their service and customer support than on their advertising. They mainly rely on word-of-mouth promotion and still managed to grow quite a bit after starting out 5 years back. At this point, you might be thinking, this sounds a bit similar to the case of MDDHosting. There are indeed quite a few similarities between both and I’ll try to cover everything about Squidix’s services in this shared hosting review of Squidix Web Hosting.

squidix ultra reliable web hosting

Squidix offers a few other types of web hosting than just shared hosting:

  • VPS Hosting
  • Semi-dedicated Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Hosting Comes with a lot of Features

Apart from the standard stuff like 30-days money-back guaranty and uptime guaranty, their shared hosting plans also come with built-in:

  • cPanel
  • Softaculous
  • CloudFlare integration
  • CloudLinux OS along with CageFS
  • PHP Version Chooser
  • Dedicated IPs as add-ons
  • SSDs
  • Inbound and Outbound Spam Protection
  • Free Domain
  • Free Site Migration from your previous host
  • Free performance audit and site speed optimization
  • A $100 Google AdWords coupon

Also, there’s no restriction on the number of domains you can host or the amount of bandwidth your sites will use. But there is indeed a restriction on disk space usage, and they offer two plans, one with 10GB of allotted disk space and another with 25GB. Now, this is actually great because Unlimited Everything usually means oversold and pathetically slow servers.

As long as your usages are within reasonable limits, you should be fine with Squidix. And that reasonable limit isn’t just 25GB/month of bandwidth. Bandwidth is actually less of a problem with hosts these days due to decreasing prices of bandwidth and increasing internet speeds across the world.

Still, just to be on the safer side, consider choosing not just Squidix, but any shared web host, if your site demands less than 500GB of monthly bandwidth. It’s a personal rule that I’ve made. Any site that consumes more bandwidth isn’t really suitable for a shared hosting environment is what I found out through all these years of testing different web hosts and managing different sites.

Speed – How Fast is Squidix?

I used the same test site that I used for my InMotion Hosting review and A Small Orange review. For these tests, I compare the test site’s loading speed using Pingdom. I compare the loading time while the site’s on the host I’m currently testing, to the time it took to load when it was on MDDHosting’s server. Here’s the result for Squidix:

squidix vs mddhosting

To be honest, I was quite surprised to see Squidix matching the same level of speed as MDDHosting, as in my experience, MDD are one of the fastest shared hosts I’ve ever tried. Combined with all those features that Squidix is offering, this killer speed really made me think positively about Squidix.

Probably, SSDs and CloudLinux have a big part to play in the speed department of Squidix. It also rather confirms that Squidix are one of the hosts that don’t oversell their services.


I was unable to test the site’s uptime for an extended period of time as the test site was up on their server only for two weeks. Still, in those two weeks, the site had a 100% uptime, which is great.

How Good is Squidix’s Support?

Apart from support tickets, Squidix also offers phone support and online chat support.  That’s basically as good as it gets in terms of web hosting support. What surprised me more is that they’ve managed to offer all these support mediums being just a small web hosting company.

This is suggestive of their priorities. They clearly give customer support a higher priority than luring customers using advertising and then making them suffer with poor after-sale support. Their average response times were pretty good as well.

They also have a user-friendly Knowledge Base that answers some of the common queries newbies usually have. You’ll get answers to most of your queries regarding web hosting, cPanel, linux and related topics without having to ask them in the first place.

Cost – Premium but Worth it

Their shared hosting plans are one of the best I’ve tested thus far, but they certainly come at a price. After all, you only get what you pay for. They offer two shared hosting plans as below:

  • 10GB of Disk Space – $9.95 / month (First year at $4.95/month)
  • 25GB of Disk Space – $19.95 / month (First year at $9.95/month)

It’s not much of a higher price considering the extra features such as the dedicated IP add-on, SSDs and CloudLinux, but if you don’t need them, and can do with half the storage space (5GB), then MDDHosting’s basic plan sounds like a more affordable option at $7.50/month without discounts.

I really wish that Squidix comes up with a cheaper plan with less storage and perhaps bandwidth on offer, as not everyone and their mother needs 10GB of storage. This is especially applicable for bloggers or web developers who are just starting out.

However, I managed to snap up an EXCLUSIVE coupon for TechTage readers, which will get you 35% off for life! Check it out below:

Check Out Plans: https://squidix.com/hosting/shared/


To be honest, when I started testing Squidix, I didn’t have a very high expectation because I hadn’t heard of them before or read any particularly great review about them online. I was proved wrong soon enough, as their shared hosting plan seemed really awesome considering the features on offer and the price.

If you’re looking for a web host that utilizes cutting-edge technology like CloudLinux and SSDs and offers a large array of support-mediums, you should give Squidix a try.

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