The 6 Uninviting Truths About Blogging


Blogging is a great habit if you do it correctly. Moreover, you can enjoy to its fullest if you know some real truths about it. Because, it will help you to understand its limitations, so you can adapt the skill in the blogging. Moreover, you should know that blogging is not like writing a book or fiction nor it is a business tool. But it is something which will give you the opportunity to do marketing your skill over the internet as well. Passionately, it is very much encouraging for the bloggers to market their skills. So blogging is a kind of platform which should be built by the blogger itself by delivering the quality blog at the regular interval.


If you think that the blogging is very easy to do. But in the reality, it is not true. So blogging is not easy to do. Because, you have to write a blog from your heart. Never mix up blogging with a novel or fiction writing. The reason is that it will the blogging will be written on the current affairs and current needs with a very short of time. Actually, a 70,000-words novel will never rally with a 500-words blog. Because, the blog will enter into the mind of the reader within a very short of time whereas the novel enters into the reader’s mind slowly and it takes time until the reading completes. Actually, the blog is easy to digest within a short period of time but the novel does not.

Business model

The blogging is not a business model. Actually, if you consider it as a business model, then you will do wrong. Moreover, through blogging, you could not sell your products for the customers. So in this direction, if you like to sell something, then you have to provide a product or service. So blogging does not come under this consideration. Frankly speaking, the blogging is not a product or service. So you have to understand it well. It is the way to promote your skill over the internet. Actually, through the blogging, you can start to build the consumer base before you start your product or services.


Due to the blogging, you will not require to interact with your clients directly. So it will save your time and money. Moreover, the blogging works on the mind of the visitors who will be transformed into the customers later. So, in this connection, you can build a good customer base through blogging. If your customers like to contact with you, then they can use the contact form in your blog. So immediately you will able to know the customer’s needs as well.


For the blogging, you will not require a lot of blogging advices. Because, the more advices will spoil your blogging instinct. So in this context, you should stay away from the excessive blogging advices. Rather you should keep yourself focused.


For the blogging, practice will not make you perfect. So you have to do practice with a great care and planning. Moreover, you have to practice your blogging with a constant updating yourself and with a changing attitude. For the blogging, you have to practice writing with a positive mind.


You should not write blog for yourself. Rather, you have to write it for your visitors or customers. So you have to think their needs and requirements.

Therefore, whatever your blogging skill may be, you should work alone with your conviction. Otherwise, you will not able to create the quality blog for your business.

About The Author: Kate is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books.

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