SiteGround Review: Decent Shared Hosting – But Worth the ‘Premium’ Tag?

SiteGround Review

I decided to try SiteGround out after hearing a lot of praises about them from users and reviewers alike for offering premium services. I’ve probably spent the most time ever with SiteGround while only trying a host to review it. SiteGround makes a lot of claims about their fast servers and best-in-class technology — so I did something simple to make this SiteGround review a bit more interesting than other reviews that I do usually, I placed a mirror of TechTage (albeit a lighter version than the fully-functioning actual TechTage blog) on a new domain and hosted it on SiteGround to test their server speed out.

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MDDHosting Review: Quietly Awesome

MDDHosting Review You probably already heard about MDDHosting from me, as I just can’t resist myself praising these guys whenever I can. MDDHosting, founded in 2007 by Michael Denney, is a rock solid web host with unbelievably tremendous customer support. We’re hosted on MDDHosting since mid-2011, roughly for 4 years. In these 4 years, I haven’t felt like moving to another hosting company because I had zero problems with MDDHosting. Now, I’m hosting my personal site,, on the same account and as usual impressed with its performance as well.

Their servers are perfect for my WordPress blogs, as well as for our SMF forum. Keep reading to know why I love MDDHosting so much.

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7 Ways To Improve Your Conversions


I am ALL about the conversion rates.

Think about it for a second. You may not be able to increase your marketing budget, but you can definitely increase your conversion rates. And an increase in conversion rates by just 0.1% can be the difference in thousands (or even millions) of additional revenue.

In fact, I’m so passionate about conversion rates that I built a 7 point conversion rate optimization checklist that I use for every new client. Today I want to give that checklist to you.

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The Ranking Secret Doesn’t Want You to Know


At the first look, might look like a nice little ‘free’ online tool to find out which web host a particular site resides on. However, if you look closely enough, you’ll soon find out that there’s another (primary) motto behind operating the site apart from the apparent one (i.e. establishing themselves as the #1 online tool for finding out a site’s web host, nameservers etc.). Inspect a bit further down the line, and you’ll be surprised seeing what’ll scream “shady” to any experienced SEO enthusiast.

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