How to Deliver Your Content Effectively


Content ties to almost every channel in the online marketing space including social media, search marketing and conversion rate optimization. The main reason is that it is easier for brands to focus on one specific aspect – content, than to diverse their effort and time to work on integrating each and every marketing channel to their businesses.

Generating content is not only the key to achieve success in online marketing. The brand should be able to deliver every content asset to the right audience with the most efficient and effective way.

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How to Prospect for High Quality Links


Nowadays, link building is time-consuming and costly given that it requires investment to create content assets that will certainly attract high quality links.

Gone are the days where you would only need one tool to provide you tons of low quality domains which will only lead you to triggering Penguin and penalizing your website. Another time spent to get rid of those unnatural links from your domain if you want to protect your website from future link-based penalty.

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Interview with Joen Asmussen: Design Wrangler at Automattic

Joen Asmussen Interview

You may not know Joen Asmussen by name, but I’m sure you’ve definitely seen and even used his creation if you’re into working with WordPress sites. Joen is the main creator of the default theme of WordPress 3.6, Twenty Thirteen. I fell in love with the theme so much, that in addition to using the theme since WordPress 3.6’s alpha stages on my personal blog, I use a modified version of it on this site.

Joen lives in Denmark and works remotely for Automattic. Joen has also been involved with the development  of the new admin interface (MP6) from WP 3.8 onwards. In this interview, we talk about how Joen started as a designer, his experience working with Automattic, and much more.

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A Small Orange Review: Premium Yet Affordable Homegrown Hosting

A Small Orange

After SiteGround, I decided to review A Small Orange. A Small Orange, or ASO in short, is actually a pretty old company, originally founded way back in 2004. They are well known in the web hosting industry as a homegrown hosting company. They are also known for their flexible plans, efficient tech support and having an overall personal relationship with their customers. Let’s find out how great A Small Orange’s shared hosting plans are, in reality.

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