Interview with Joen Asmussen: Design Wrangler at Automattic

Joen Asmussen Interview

You may not know Joen Asmussen by name, but I’m sure you’ve definitely seen and even used his creation if you’re into working with WordPress sites. Joen is the main creator of the default theme of WordPress 3.6, Twenty Thirteen. I fell in love with the theme so much, that in addition to using the theme since WordPress 3.6’s alpha stages on my personal blog, I use a modified version of it on this site.

Joen lives in Denmark and works remotely for Automattic. Joen has also been involved with the development  of the new admin interface (MP6) from WP 3.8 onwards. In this interview, we talk about how Joen started as a designer, his experience working with Automattic, and much more.

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A Small Orange Review: Premium Yet Affordable Homegrown Hosting

A Small Orange

After SiteGround, I decided to review A Small Orange. A Small Orange, or ASO in short, is actually a pretty old company, originally founded way back in 2004. They are well known in the web hosting industry as a homegrown hosting company. They are also known for their flexible plans, efficient tech support and having an overall personal relationship with their customers. Let’s find out how great A Small Orange’s shared hosting plans are, in reality.

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SiteGround Review: Decent Shared Hosting – But Worth the ‘Premium’ Tag?

SiteGround Review

I decided to try SiteGround out after hearing a lot of praises about them from users and reviewers alike for offering premium services. I’ve probably spent the most time ever with SiteGround while only trying a host to review it. SiteGround makes a lot of claims about their fast servers and best-in-class technology — so I did something simple to make this SiteGround review a bit more interesting than other reviews that I do usually, I placed a mirror of TechTage (albeit a lighter version than the fully-functioning actual TechTage blog) on a new domain and hosted it on SiteGround to test their server speed out, can you guess what was the result of the speed comparison?

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Link Building Tools You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

Link Building in the Post Penguin Era

Efficiency in link building requires a set of tools to generate results beyond its normal output time. These tools have their own ways of helping link builders make their work much easier. These include:

  • Increasing the speed of finding link opportunities on different web places.
  • Regular tracking of web mentions and fresh/new links.
  • Providing new search queries that are targeted to a specific niche type.
  • Quickly generate results that are needed for link acquisition (e.g. collecting emails of link targets).

There are several link building tools that provide a few or even all of the features stated above. However, you only have to choose a few of them to minimize costs and focus on the core features that these tools offer.

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