InMotion Hosting Review – Fastest Shared Hosting?

InMotion Hosting is one of the most reputable shared web hosts out there, offering quite a bit of bang for buck. Though they provide everything starting from shared hosting, to reseller, to VPS and even dedicated servers, they're mainly well-known for their shared hosting, and that's what I decided to review, after reviewing BlueHost. Keep reading this InMotion Hosting review to know about my experiences with them.


InMotion Hosting - Introduction

InMotion, originally founded in 2001, is an independently own web hosting company that's been around for over a decade. Not only are InMotion one of the most popular shared hosts on Earth, they also managed to avoid being bought by a larger group like EIG and turned to a horrible provider (as has been the case with A Small Orange, iPage and numerous other hosts that have been acquired and doomed by EIG).

Hence, InMotion is currently one of the largest independently operated hosting companies around. Here are some of the most prominent features that come standard with their shared hosting plans:

  • 2 different data centers in USA, one in East Coast (Washington DC) and another in the West Coast (Los Angeles, CA); allowing you to choose from 2 different locations for your server.
  • Free domain with your hosting plan for a full year. Even if you don't register a new domain at the time of sign-up, you get a free-domain credit for later usage.
  • Managed WordPress hosting, having 100% compatibility. Supports most WordPress features and plugins, ranging from basic ones to the most advanced ones.
  • ​High-spec, 100% SSD-powered servers which are typically 20x faster than spinning hard drive fueled servers) that ensure optimal site speed at all times.
  • ​Completely free site migrations from your old web host, as well as free daily backups.
  • Well maintained server software. Regularly updated and patched for better security and performance.
  • ​Native WP-CLI support.
  • 24×7 Phone & Live Chat Support. Most shared hosts usually don't have 24x7 phone support.
  • Real-Time SPAM Filtering - most spam emails will be filtered out before even reaching your inbox.
  • 90-days Money-back Guaranty (industry leading) along with anytime money back guaranty (pro-rated refunds). So, you can claim a refund anytime and get a partial refund for the amount of time you didn't use their services.
  • Max Speed Zones - peering based network-level feature with CDN-level usability that ensures your site loads blazing fast for all visitors in as many different locations as possible.

Speed - How Fast is InMotion?

I've found InMotion's shared servers to be one of the fastest in the business. Not only was the initial response time impressive (around 100ms), the total page loading time was nothing short of amazing for a shared hosting server.

It's not a huge surprise considering how SSD-driven servers are generally so much faster than traditional hard drive driven ones. It's also not a surprise considering how InMotion are known not to oversell their servers, meaning that there's ample amount of server resources to be used by each user account.

Uptime of the Test Site

During the test period, the site didn't go down even once. This is pretty much as good as it gets with not just shared hosting, but any kind of web hosting.

Apart from that, InMotion also has a 99.9% uptime guaranty which is mentioned on their SLA (Service-Level-Agreement). In short, uptime should be the last thing you'll need to care about on InMotion's platform.

Cost – InMotion's Hosting Plans Compared

InMotion Hosting's shared hosting plans are decently priced. The main thing that differs a lot between the different plans is the number of add-on domains that you can host on a certain plan.

Their base plan, ​Launch, comes at $5.99/mo ($4.89/mo with discounted link). It allows up to 2 separate domains on it. One more thing, it doesn't come with the 1-click eCommerce software installation like the two higher-priced plans.

​Their mid-sized plan, Power, comes at $7.99/mo ($6.29/mo with discounted link), and allows you to host 6 different websites. It also gives you the option to create and use an unlimited number of MySQL databases (though that still doesn't let you host more than 6 different sites).

Pro, their top-tier plan, costs $13.99/mo ($10.49/mo with discounted link), which is a bit more than what a regular shared hosting user usually looks to spend. This high-end plan gives you the ability to host an unlimited number of sites on one account.

I would recommend either the Power or the Launch plan, as most of you are unlikely to host a load of sites on a single shared hosting account.​ If you are a hardcore user with several sites under your belt, however, you'll have to go with the Pro plan..

Exclusive InMotion Hosting Coupon for 2017

InMotion Hosting are usually very strict about offering discounts, as their plans are already priced quite competitively when you bring all those features into account. I, however, managed to get an exclusive discounted deal for the visitors of TechTage from InMotion themselves. If you decide to choose InMotion, you can get hold of this InMotion Hosting discount link which presents dynamic offers for their different plans. All you need to do is to give the button a click, and that should activate your discount and it'll stay valid for the next couple of months.

Quality of Customer Support

InMotion Hosting offers fully US-based support, which is a rare sight, as well as a true toll-free phone support, along with 24x7 live-chat and email support. Though my experience with InMotion Hosting has been limited, I've been fairly happy with their support, and they've managed to answer general queries as well as identify site or script-specific issues with relative ease. So, no complaints there.

The time they take to respond to support requests is nothing to worry about, either, and though it was quite varied in my case, from around 5 minutes to about an hour, the good thing was that the first response wasn't a fluke, auto-generated reply or something completely unhelpful, as is the case with most cheap shared hosts. Most cheap shared hosts tend to employ support staff who follow a very basic, rigid, troubleshooting steps that can be annoying for experienced users.

In my opinion, it's better to wait for half an hour and get a solution directly in the first response than getting an unhelpful response within 5 minutes, followed by an hour-long back-and-forth messaging before finally coming up with the solution, as I've experienced with some other hosts.​

One more thing that I'd like to point out is that InMotion's knowledge-base is really helpful, especially for beginners. It allows you to search and directly find answers to queries you'd otherwise have to ask a person to get answered.

Concluding this InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting is one of those old and reliable shared hosting providers like A2 Hosting that have seen and survived it all, without compromising on its quality, or succumbing to an EIG-acquisition.

InMotion's shared hosting plans are neither too cheap nor too expensive. They sit right in the middle in the pricing chart. However, when you take all of their features into account, you can realize that you're actually getting a much more value-for-money deal than you'd be getting with cheaper hosts. It's hard to argue about the prices, given how my test site experienced no downtime, and posted incredible performance stats throughout the testing period.​

The only potential con I can come up with is the add-on domains limitation for the lower-tier plans. But that's unlikely to be a major issue for either newbies who won't have many sites, and web hosting power users who can go for the premium plan.

Overall, ​InMotion Hosting offers a good bang for your buck. If you're looking for a fast, fairly reliably host that offers solid uptime, you may give InMotion a try.

InMotion Hosting - Company & Other Information

InMotion Hosting is one of the largest independently-owned web hosting companies in the world. Their history dates back to as far as 2001. They're also an A+ rated BBB-accredited company. You may have read a lot of stories about how bigger holding companies like Endurance International Group eat up their competition by acquiring smaller, growing companies that are known for their high-quality, and turning them into trash. It happened even with a homegrown web host like A Small Orange. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this at all with InMotion, who are still free from larger corporate interventions in their operations.


The company behind InMotion also owns Web Hosting Hub, a sister-company that caters more towards beginners with little to no knowledge about websites and web hosting. InMotion is geared towards serious people who know their stuff, while Web Hosting Hub is for absolute beginners who just want to get their blogs up for a cheap price and without going into the technical tid bits.

Both InMotion and Web Hosting Hub offer a custom website builder known as BoldGrid. It's got a lot of praises lately and is one of the reasons why people jump on the InMotion/WHH boat these days.

Another interesting fact, InMotion is also one of the few BIG players in the industry that offer (actually) US-based support. Many of the EIG-owned brands, for example iPage, are known for outsourcing support to countries like India and Philippines, and still acting like they have US-based support. As a result, you generally get very poor support from non-native English speakers. In fact, I've experienced this myself in the past with iPage, when a live-chat staff of theirs claimed to be some "Dave" based out of California. When I traced his IP, I found out that his actual location was Bangalore, India.

​One more thing I really liked about InMotion is that a lot of their staff are active on web hosting communities like WebHostingTalk. Their engineers are frequently seen answering technical queries by potential customers on forums. They don't shy away from sharing the technical setup they have, and even some internal policies.

InMotion also has a zero-tolerance policy against spam and fraud. Hence, they require phone verification for all new customers​. While this might be a bit of an annoyance for people living outside of the United States, it ultimately ensures that your website is in a safe environment, free from spammers and fraudsters.

​Another fun fact, InMotion Hosting have one of the highest rates of inbound site transfers. What that means is, more people come to them from another site, than in case of any other big player. The reason should be simple enough to understand, really. Bigger players focus more on marketing and less on quality, resulting in people finding them for the first time but not choosing to stay with them, opting instead for better alternatives like InMotion.

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    I can vouch. I’ve been using their service for a year now and what they promised is what they really do. Uptime is really 99.9%, no b*llsh*t. There was only one instance when my site is down and it’s partially my fault. Highly recommended.