The Ranking Secret WhoIsHostingThis.com Doesn’t Want You to Know


At the first look, WhoIsHostingThis.com might look like a nice little ‘free’ online tool to find out which web host a particular site resides on. However, if you look closely enough, you’ll soon find out that there’s another (primary) motto behind operating the site apart from the apparent one (i.e. establishing themselves as the #1 online tool for finding out a site’s web host, nameservers etc.). Inspect a bit further down the line, and you’ll be surprised seeing what’ll scream “shady” to any experienced SEO enthusiast.

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How Consistent Blogging Can Increase Search Traffic


In the beginning, blogs were nothing more than online journals, a place for people to put their thoughts into the ether. As time went on, blogs became a viable business model and a means to support oneself or promote a company’s product and values. With all of these new applications for the concept, things like traffic and page views became equally important.

There are numerous methods by which you can increase your traffic, but ultimately the key point is going to be your content. Consistent quality content that possesses certain key characteristics will be the ultimate driver of traffic to your site.

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How to Deliver Your Content Effectively


Content ties to almost every channel in the online marketing space including social media, search marketing and conversion rate optimization. The main reason is that it is easier for brands to focus on one specific aspect – content, than to diverse their effort and time to work on integrating each and every marketing channel to their businesses.

Generating content is not only the key to achieve success in online marketing. The brand should be able to deliver every content asset to the right audience with the most efficient and effective way.

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How to Prospect for High Quality Links


Nowadays, link building is time-consuming and costly given that it requires investment to create content assets that will certainly attract high quality links.

Gone are the days where you would only need one tool to provide you tons of low quality domains which will only lead you to triggering Penguin and penalizing your website. Another time spent to get rid of those unnatural links from your domain if you want to protect your website from future link-based penalty.

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