Impact of Outbound Links on A Site’s Perceived Value

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I always say that it’s more important that you don’t link out to spammy sites than they link to your site. This is because Google’s algorithms don’t care about a couple of spammy backlinks unless they’re sure that you’re using them for manipulative purposes.

Now, I often see careless people linking out to bad sites either unknowingly, or because they’re selling links from their website. This is of much higher importance, because you have direct control over your site’s outbound links, i.e. who you link to.

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Google Does Value User Satisfaction, After All?


A few months ago, Cyrus Shepard wrote a pretty awesome blog post on Moz. It was about how user satisfaction affects rankings.

I didn’t plan to test whether that was true, and user satisfaction really had an impact on SERP listings. However, I just got my hands on the results, without having to test it all manually.

This is a case of satisfaction largely due to the uniqueness of the content, that saw a page slowly, but steadily, kill the competition and rank #2-#3 on Google.com for a moderately competitive keyword with around 14,800 exact-match monthly searches on Google. Continue reading


The Complete Guide to Removing Unnatural Links Pointing at Your Site

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Link building is vitally important in any SEO strategy, and over the course of time, some rather dodgy links could crop up in your link profile, and could eventually prove to be rather detrimental to your site. Also, unnatural links are particularly pertinent when you’re taking on a new client who has a rather… questionable history when it comes to acquiring links back to their site.

In this post, I’ll run through how unnatural, poor quality links can be detrimental to your website and it’s standing in the SERPs, and also how I go about analysing a link profile and diagnosing which links need to go, as well as the subsequent link removal process.

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17 Ways to Optimize and Speed Up WordPress Sites


WordPress, as a platform, is extremely well coded. However, some people mess their WordPress installations up by installing tons of low-quality plugins, choosing an awful web host, and filling their site with heaps of garbage.

Even if you don’t do something as stupid as these with your site, there’s still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to speeding up your WordPress site. I optimize around 8-10 WordPress sites in an average month, and there are a few techniques I always leverage to optimize and speed up WordPress sites.

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CrazyEgg Review – 5 Lessons Learned from 20 Days with CrazyEgg


I’ll describe CrazyEgg as a well known visual analytics tool. Once you start getting visitors to your site, the next step for you is to convert them into subscribers, customers, followers, or whatever it may be. That’s where CrazyEgg comes into play.

They’re one of the first companies to introduce heatmaps, and confetti reports. You may be thinking, what does that even mean? Well, it means it shows you what your visitors do after they open your website. Where they come from (confetti), which links and where on your pages they click (heatmap), which portions of your pages they spent the most time viewing (scrollmap), and which links on your site get the most no. of clicks (overlay). Of course, a free tool like Google Analytics doesn’t offer killer features like these.

CrazyEgg helps you know, where and how your site design sucks. Based on the data from CrazyEgg, you can tweak your landing pages, your overall site design, and a couple of functionalities to boost your conversion rates. Here’s what I learned about my sites from using CrazyEgg for 20 days:

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