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You probably already heard about MDDHosting from me, as I just can’t resist myself praising these guys whenever I can. MDDHosting, founded in 2007 by Michael Denney, is a rock solid web host with unbelievably tremendous customer support. We’re hosted on MDDHosting since mid-2011, roughly for 4 years. In these 4 years, I haven’t felt like moving to another hosting company because I had zero problems with MDDHosting. Now, I’m hosting my personal site,, on the same account and as usual impressed with its performance as well.

Their servers are perfect for my WordPress blogs, as well as for our SMF forum. Keep reading to know why I love MDDHosting so much.

Little Bit of a Story

For TechTage (formerly, SmartPhoneGeeks), we’ve only ever used three web hosts. This is how we migrated hosts during the course of 2011:

HostGator → iPage → MDDHosting

HostGator’s support was decent, but the servers were sluggish and I was really unhappy about the response times. Unfortunately, for me, I was still one of the millions of noobs back then who search for ‘top web hosting companies’ online. As you can expect, I fell in the traps cleverly set up by genius affiliate marketers. And that led me to think that iPage, offering Unlimited Everything hosting for $3.95/month, was one of the best web hosts on Earth. What was even worse, was that I paid to iPage for a full year in advance (that was around $40). When I asked them for a refund, soon after migrating to it from HostGator, they threw their ToS at me and rectified that “payments made through PayPal can’t be refunded”. They called it the “30-days Money Back Guaranty”…

So, while being forced to stick with iPage for 2-3 more months (as I was lacking funds to purchase hosting from some other company), I came to know about EIG and how they acquired one hosting company / domain registrar after another, and how they ruined all of those companies. [They bought HostGator too in July, 2012]

That’s when I decided of not choosing another popular web host like BlueHost or InMotion Hosting. I was finally determined to switch to a much better host. A real web host offering high-quality service and one that values its customers.

I stumbled upon WebHostingTalk, a great community consisting of highly-knowledgeable people. I eventually came to know about MDDHosting, as it was kind of hard not to, considering the amount of long, positive reviews floating around WHT. I had a brief conversation with owner Michael, and he answered the kind of technical queries to me about their service that would make HostGator or iPage people (or bots, they hire stupid bots too) stare at you for a while. So, without further delays, we moved to MDDHosting.

The real MDDHosting Review begins…

As soon as our account was set up, Mike and co. effortlessly downloaded a huge backup from iPage and successfully moved our site to a relatively new server of theirs.

As soon as our site started loading from the MDDHosting server, I could instantly feel the speed improvement. Our load times were halved. And MDDHosting’s 150ms average server response time was something I was not used to experiencing.

The second best thing was the customer support. I mean, seriously, which web host’s technical support executive (in his right mind) answers support queries within 3 minutes at 1 A.M. ? MDDHosting’s support is second to none. You’ll get your query answered quickly unless you ask something stupid in the first place, even then you’ll probably get a reply sooner than you think.

Third best thing was uptime. This year the uptime is around 99.98%, according to Pingdom.

MDDHosting, as I feel, use their funds to improve their service quality by upgrading old servers and adding new ones and spending a high amount of money on customer support and maintenance, unlike other bigger providers who shell out most of their cash on advertising or affiliates (some of the bigger providers pay as much as $150 to affiliates per shared hosting sign-up worth a few dollars per month).

If I were to rate their service, I’d rate it:

Performance: 5/5
Support: 5/5
Uptime: 5/5 (Over 99.98% for TechTage, according to Pingdom)
Cost: 4.5/5 (Might be a bit costly for beginners, but in the end, you get what you pay for)
Overall: 5/5

Why MDDHosting is also Technically Awesome:

  • LiteSpeed-powered Servers, running on CloudLinux. LiteSpeed is apparently up to 9 times faster than Apache web hosting and processes PHP 50% faster on a shared server. Every account has resource limits, so no one can hit the server’s maximum resource limits alone and slow down the whole server or even crash it.
  • Most servers are equipped with a minimum of 24GB of RAM and Dual-Quad Core Intel Xeon Processors running at 2.4+ GHz. They place their servers in the Handy Networks datacenter in Denver, Colorado, United States.
  • MySQL Concurrent Connections limit is 25 in shared plans and 50 in semi-dedicated plans. Given that each visitor’s connection with the server stays alive for as less as 200-300ms, you can safely assume that on a properly optimized WordPress blog, you can easily get 100 hits at any given instant and still not worry.
    We’ve once had 792 people online at our forum and still I didn’t notice even a slight bit of increase in load time.
  • Daily backups. They backup your data everyday using R1Soft Continuous Data Protection Backups and keep each restoration point on their backup servers for 7 days. You can restore a backup anytime by logging into cPanel.
  • Unlimited add-on domains (the domains you add after adding your primary domain). Latest versions of PHP & MySQL. Softaculous 1-click script installs.

The only glitches I have…

I have none, at the moment. I used to be unhappy about their SMTP mailing limit (200 emails/hour, and a fair-use limit of 2,000 emails/day). SMTP emails are required by softwares like WordPress and SMF (the ones that I use) to send emails to users to notify about various things (like email confirmation during new user registration). I don’t hit the limit anymore, but a while back, when our forum was at its peak, boiling with 25K+ members, it used to be a slight bottleneck. The reason they limit the no. of outbound emails on shared hosting is spam. The more bulk emails you let users send, the more chances of the entire mail server getting blacklisted. This, again, isn’t a big deal for 95% of the users. People who do need to send more emails in a month, should consider using an external SMTP Mail Service, such as Mandrill.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

“MDDHosting is a privately owned company that was formed in 2007 to provide services that are often overpriced at affordable prices for individuals and businesses around the world. Unlike most newer web hosts we do not hide who we are, when we were formed, or what we have to offer to our clients. We may be small but we pride ourselves in providing high quality services and support for each and every one of our clients. We do not see our clients as a number or a dollar sign.”


If you need a reliable web host that cares about its customers for your next WordPress blog, or your next site in general, I recommend you to give these guys a try. There’s always a 30-days money-back guaranty, so you can always get your money refunded back to your account in case you’re not fully satisfied (which would be a rare case, really).

They are costlier than your average ‘unlimited everything for $5’ host, but you won’t regret moving your sites to them for a bit more money, which would get you a much better service, overall.

Their shared plans start from $7.50/month. You can, however, use the coupon ‘monster10’ to get a 10% recurring discount for the life your account, or the coupons ‘half-price’ and ‘WHT50’ to get an one-time 50% discount on any shared / semi-dedicated plan of your choice (I’m not sure about VPS and Dedicated Servers).

Visit MDDHosting

  • Awesome blog man! I’m stuck between MDDHosting and StableHost.

    Do MySQL Concurrent Connections matter with if let’s say I’m hosting 2 domains on 1 shared hosting account: 1 WP site and 1 HTML site, and it’s the HTML site that receives a lot of visitors?

    I hope my question is not too confusing!

    • It won’t matter in that scenario. 🙂 If I were you though, I’d go with MDDHosting just to be on the safer side even if you host a database-driven site later on. 🙂

      • Thanks for your fast response! 🙂

        I know I’m reiterating (iterating?) this, but you’ve got a really nice blog. So hard to find genuine reviews on web hosting with every affiliate and his/her dog and mom pushing HG because of its huge payout.

        Whichever host I’m going with, I’ll use your affiliate link 🙂

  • Hey there! I have 1 more question about the concurrent MySQL connections. On a WordPress blog/site, does it affect the number of visitors or the number of users (logged in)?

    What I’m asking is: If I have a WP blog/site and I’m the only user, is the number of concurrent MySQL connections relevant? If the number is low, does it mean that less visitors can see the site without any problem or does it mean that less users will be able to do so?

      • OK. So I went there and placed an order. Order could not be processed because their “fraud detector” had detected something. I had to submit a support ticket and then submit a copy of my passport (!) and then two days later they just wrote me:

        Unfortunately we are unable to accept your order at this time. Best of luck.

        Like… really?! AFTER I submitted my passport copy? And funniest of all I would have prepaid the order with PayPal so there was literally no risk for them what-so-ever.

        I was really hooked on hosting with MDDHosting after your review, but this?

        They totally suck and now I have to look for another host :-(.

        • Hello Stefan,

          You ordered on 11/16/2014 at 5:02 AM ET. Your order was flagged as potentially fraudulent. Our final decision was rendered on 11/17/2014 at 11:21 AM ET [the next day, not two days later].

          I am genuinely sorry that we have chosen not to accept your order, however, being a private company we can choose which orders we will or will not accept and, in this case, we felt the risk to be too high based upon numerous red flags.

          Unfortunately I cannot outline exactly what metrics are used to decide whether to accept or decline your order – in short – I cannot tell you how to get around our anti-fraud systems.

          You opened a ticket immediately after placing the order and we responded letting you know that we would need further information from you to verify you and your order.

          You submitted the needed information, on a Sunday. You bumped your ticket just before the end of the day asking if we were still working on it and we responded letting you know that the representative you were speaking with was off shift and that a billing representative would get back to you in the morning [Monday].

          Monday morning, as promised, we removed the images you had submitted [for your protection] and let you know our final decision on the order. Unfortunately we had chosen not to accept your order and did wish you the best of luck. This wasn’t condescending – it was genuine – nobody has any ill intent towards you and our decision not to accept your order was certainly not personal.

          While we obviously do not want to reject legitimate orders we would honestly prefer to reject a legitimate order than accept a fraudulent one. I have personally been the victim of Identity Theft a couple of times and I do not wish that on anybody.

          If we do not accept an order and it’s legitimate – yeah that’s not great but at least the customer can find an alternative provider. No permanent damage to the person’s identity, bank account, or credit card.

          If we accept a fraudulent order not only have we charged somebody’s card without their authorization but we’re also likely furthering the fraud – as most fraudsters put up phishing and/or send spam or conduct other nefarious activities that can possibly affect other customers and/or the network.

          The fact of the matter is that there is more risk than simply the payment method such as the above referenced spam, phishing, and other nefarious activities fraudsters often conduct.

          You seem to be taking this personally as though we don’t like you or simply do not want to do business with you when this is not the case.

          I genuinely do wish you the best of luck in your search.

  • Hey Rohit,

    I discovered MDDHosting about 3 years ago and they really are a great hosting company. I do review web hosting companies, but I was actually blown away with them when I first discovered them. I first learned about them on Their owner is really a good guy and generally cares about his business. I do like how they use SSD and Lightspeed. I have tested their servers and found that they respond in 4.25 ms. Their shared plans are a little higher than other companies, but it’s well worth the money.

    But, I know what you’re talking about with EIG owned companies. I really don’t care for companies that use them all that much. The way they structure their company is horrible. I think they really just see their customers as dollar figures. If we bring in more people we will keep making profit. They fail to listen to what people are saying about them. For instance, I have contacted HostGator a number of times and they really don’t care to listen to me.


  • Hi Rohit,
    I am planning to host a site with Buddypress on WordPress. So it is a social networking site. Finalised on Sitehosting based on their premium features provided for WP hosting. Then I came across your blog. How do you rate MDDHosting against SiteHosting.


  • any recommendation for shared hosting if I only want multiple domain emails? I may only have one website (little traffic) but I have multiple domains and multiple emails with those domains.

  • Hi Rohit,

    I purchased MDD shared hosting on your recommendation. Now I see the server response time is about 2 seconds. I had great hope that the server would respond within 200 ms.

    Can you please advise where the problem lies.


  • Hi Rohit,
    After reading your review on a2hosting and MDD i m bit confused about which one to choose. can u suggest me best shared host with fastest speed?

  • >